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"The only consant is change" -Heraclitus

Personal Development Programs

Apply to the program that best suits your needs. Each program is tailored to the individual to allow you to achieve your personal goals. Personal development is a life long journey, and it can be easy with the right guide. Learn more about what each program offers and book your 20 minute Strategy Session to make a plan for your success.

Jon is a skilled and empathetic professional who helped me through purposeful hypnosis. I now have the tools I need to live a life of mindfulness, creativity, and stability. I’m truly grateful for Jon’s careful guidance and informative teachings. 


Connect with your inner unconscious to upgrade your life

Work on specific aspects of your personal development

When you are standing at the threshold of change, you know in your heart that you are ready and able. It is up to you to take the first step. Let’s embark on this journey together. I can help you navigate the change you want to realize, understand the resources you have within you, and teach you to curate beliefs, attitudes and outlooks that will make your life awesome.

I am Jonathan Nhan, a hypnotist, certified diabetes educator, and pharmacist. I am passionate about helping people overcome problems and realize how easy the change they want can be. I guide and mentor individuals towards life goals and empower them to be the true source of change. Find out how we can work together online to achieve your goals in the comfort of your own home.

Life is more than a series of destinations. Every step on the journey is a moment to savour. Knowing the destination gives you something to aim for, and taking step after step will get you closer to that goal. Let’s walk together. 


Co-Founder, Curate and Upgrade


What people say?

I'm loving being without insomnia and anxiety at bedtime. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, it's truly a gift. I feel as though I have been given my life back.
Sleep Well - single focus program
Your work was lovely because it shifted me from wanting to get rid of it [the problem] to slowing down and taking it as a journey. I feel very grateful to you and as things shift I will let you know.
Limiting Beliefs - Single Focus Program
You gave me an amazing awakening in our chat. Humor and compassion broke through! I thank you so much and really need to get back and talk to you again. Your knowledge and easy manner and kindness made me feel like you were an old friend, an old soul in this journey we call life.
Limiting Beliefs - single focus program
Just wanted to let you know my event started very well. I wanted 20 proposed and I have 30 [signed up]! So thank you so much!
Limiting Beliefs - Single Focus Program